Wendell Price, a native Texan who learned basic culinary techniques from four generations of cooks that date back to 1765, has quickly became the chef of choice for elite including Elizabeth Taylor, Kevin Costner, and Carl Lewis. A successful restaurateur, caterer, author and entrepreneur, Wendell has been a go-to chef cities ranging from California, Georgia, and Memphis, Tennessee. He has been the preferred chef for the Hyatt Place in Memphis for two years, the preferred chef for Art Basel sponsored by Grey Goose, and featured in Ebony Magazine for his pop-up food truck restaurant Eats and Beats.

                Recently launching his first “Menus and Music Series” e-cookbook with Spoken Word artist Se7en, My Baby’s Mama Can’t Cook is a cookbook, music CD, eBook and iPhone app for cooking and entertaining. Wendell has been the preferred chef at numerous venues including Melrose Avenue’s Executive Chef of Georgia, the Clinton Presidential Library, founder of Ya Mama’s Restaurant in LA, and much more. He is now working on the development of original entertainment programming, book publishing and ad campaigns for TV and radio while still pursuing international restaurant and hotel ventures that embody the Chef Wendell™ brand. His current project is working on a memoir of the ups and downs and unique journey Wendell has experienced, entitled Watermelon Dreams and Chocolate Thoughts. This memoir will cover the highs of finding success and the trials and tribulations that come with that.

                Commonly referred to as “Chef Wendell to the Stars” by the media, Wendell has proved his culinary genius, expertise and unique skillset to a variety of celebrities and the corporate world as well as leaders in the industry.

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  1. I plan on digging up any and everything I can on you and going public with it untill you decide to pay the hot checks you wrote to us for seafood products.